Our employees are our most valuable asset

In the construction industry, new and different challenges arise every day. Our safety committee meets regularly to discuss and addresses these challenges.

Our employees are our greatest asset and we’re committed to keeping them safe. We encourage open dialog about safety concerns and suggestions to improve safety everywhere.

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Our Commitment to Our Employees

We are committed to providing tools and training to work safely and safe working conditions and equipment. We encourage our employees to ask questions regarding safety and to never perform any work they feel is unsafe or that they are unqualified to perform. We believe all work can be completed safely.

Safety Department Values

Affiliations and Committees

Recent Awards

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Training & Education

We provide regular training to ensure our employees are working safely. Training includes:

We participate in numerous events to promote safety and educate our employees. Events include:

Safety Department Vision Statement

The vision of the Duro Electric Company Safety Department is to be the industry leader in safety and health — to be a world-class organization where employees are inspired and empowered to protect themselves, their coworkers, the general public and the environment.

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Safety Department Mission Statement

The mission of the Duro Electric Company Safety Department is to develop and educated workforce, empower its employees and provide a safe and healthy workplace while maintaining customer relationships and creating financial success through collaboration and innovation.

Duro Electric is proud to have achieved OSHA/AGC CHASE Program level Red for excellence in safety. The goal of the CHASE program is to provide a safe and healthful workplace for all employees engaged in construction activities and to help prevent serious injuries and illnesses within the industry through increased training and implementation and monitoring of enhanced safety and health training programs.

Duro has met the requirements of the Red level and continues to improve company programs, training and employee engagement.

Workplace Wellness

Duro is committed to employee health and wellness. That’s why we teamed up with Health Links to become a Certified Healthy Workplace Partner.